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Effectiveness of Bacopa Monnieri in the Therapy of Vertigo in association with Citicoline, Ginger, Vitamin B6 and Passionflower

by Albera A, Lucisano S*, Spadola Bisetti M and Albera R

Abstract: A new drug is now available for the neuro-otologists; it is classified in the category of supplements, which has proved effectiveness in control of the symptoms caused by uncompensated labyrinthine pathology. The association of citicoline (already in commerce in other formulations and combinations) with ginger, vitamin B6, passionflower and bacopa has been useful in the symptomatic improvement of treated patients. In fact, of the fifty patients subjected to the study, as many as 49 benefited from the preparation, as demonstrated both by the anamnestic evaluation and by the comparison between the instrumental results at the day of the beginning (0-time, T0) and sixty days later, the day of the end of the study (60-time, T60). A great number of patients - almost half of those studied - had a complete remission of the symptoms, while many others had a very important recovery, with an improvement in the quality of life. We have not experienced any side effects; moreover, no patient stopped the treatment. The clinical use of this new preparation is therefore indicated in the pharmacological treatment of dizzying symptoms, and we see a main utility in the treatment of long-lasting, subacute, persistent or even chronic pathologies. However, we do not exclude the use of the preparation also in acute cases, as there are also chemical substances in the package with a symptomatic effect, in particular on autonomic phenomena. This finding could be the subject of future studies, and we find a very interesting use for a further improvement in the quality of life of patients suffering from balance pathology.

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