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Combination of Black Cumin Seed Oil and Astaxanthin Supports Gut-Immune-Brain-Axis and Improves Mood

by Shawn M Talbott* and Julie A Talbott

Abstract: This study evaluated the effects of dietary supplementation with a combination of black cumin seed oil and astaxanthin oleoresin on upper-respiratory tract complaints (URTCs) and psychological mood state. Thirty-two male (21) and female (11) runners consumed a soft gel oil blend (500mg of black cumin seed oil plus 8mg astaxanthin oleoresin) or a placebo daily during the 4-week supplementation period (3 weeks before and 1 week following a marathon or half-marathon competition). We collected subjective and objective measures before and after supplementation. Subjects completed the profile of mood state (POMS) psychological assessment and a health log questionnaire assessing health status and URTCs (subjective measures), as well as provided saliva samples and fecal samples for measurement of cortisol and microbiome balance, respectively (objective measures). Subjects in the supplementation group (black seed/astaxanthin blend) reported significantly fewer URTCs and better overall well-being, as well as lower cortisol and superior microbiome indices, compared to placebo. These results suggest that the combination of black cumin seed oil plus astaxanthin oleoresin may improve immune system vigilance and overall well-being following the stress of endurance training and competition, possibly via improvements in the microbiome and Gut-Immune-Brain-Axis.

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